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Become a Freelance Content Writer

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If you’re interested in learning how to become a freelance writer so you can earn an amazing income from home, this article is for you.

Imagine being your own boss, having nearly unlimited income potential, and being able to work from home. Instead of slaving away in a cubicle all day, you rely on your creative talents – and your rigid work ethic – to build the life of your dreams.

Recommended for: anyone who has a knack for writing (you might not even know you have it – it’s worth reading some blogs and then trying to write one yourself as a test, if you’re not sure of your content writing skills) 

How much can you earn: there’s a lot of competition here and it’s very easy for people to find very cheap writers that only charge about 2 cents per word; that said, the quality will usually be quite low as well. That being said, you can also find jobs that pay about 5 cents per word and 10 cents per word for top writers who can write about complex topics – however, top writers with a lot of experience tend to get these jobs. You can also earn more per word if you know a niche very well – niches like law and medicine require very specific knowledge so those types of writers are more difficult to find (and therefore they’re also paid better)

Start-up costs: none! Although if you want to do this as much as possible and earn more money from content writing, it’s worth investing in a tool like Grammarly to help ensure you don’t have any spelling or grammar errors or that your content isn’t difficult to read 

Content marketing has massively grown in popularity in the past few years; just like every business needs a social media presence, so does every website (and business, of course) need great content. 

That’s because content helps websites and businesses get more traffic, as well as helps them generate more leads and sales. 

Some of the most common types of content that are needed, are:

  • Blog posts and articles (generally around 1,000 words per blog post)
  • E-books (these can be upwards of 15-20k words)
  • How to guides 
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies 

This is also something that’s much easier to outsource than to do in-house so businesses will often use platforms like Flexjobs and Upwork to find content writers. 

If you want to make your offer even more attractive to potential clients, you can offer them bonuses such as:

  • Performing keyword research (you can use SEMRush to help) to help their content rank in relevant search results
  • Offer search engine-optimized content: basically, doing the on-page SEO for the content you write for clients, as well as providing SEO titles and meta descriptions that they can use 

And if you’ve skipped the SEO part of this guide and don’t really know SEO, just try an SEO course on Udemy– it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to learn:

Plus, you might even discover that you love doing SEO – and that’s another great opportunity for making money online.

How do I start?

Thinking about how to start as a freelance writer? Here are some simple steps to take to get you on your way. Get started here.

Do I need a website?

Every successful freelance content writer needs a website to start a successful content writing business, generate money online and reach customers. Click below to get 1-click WordPress Installation, web hosting and domain registration with Bluehost, the #1 trusted WordPress hosting.

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