Create a Niche Website & Make Money from Traffic

The whole idea behind a successful niche website is to find a profitable nichestart ranking in Google for lots of keywords in your chosen niche, and then turn that free traffic into earnings through affiliate offers ( like Google Adsense or Amazon Associates), or through your own product offerings.

Recommended for: people with a niche passion/hobby  

How much can you earn: anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to tens of thousands (depends on the niche you choose and how lucrative it is as well as how many visitors you get); plus, if you build a very successful site, you can also make a lot of money by selling it directly

Start-up costs: to start with, you’ll need website hosting and a theme to build your niche website; you should also invest in a good SEO tool – I use and recommend SEMrush – as you’ll need it for keyword research, backlinking campaigns and other SEO tactics (if you want to make money from a niche website, then it needs to rank for some really high-quality keywords that get a lot of organic traffic!)

Niche websites can make a lot of money from affiliate sales and ad revenue; however, there are some very important variables that will determine the success of your niche site:

  • The profitability of that niche – you need to pick a niche that there’s a big demand for because most of your revenue will be tied in with your traffic numbers; in order to research potential niches, use a keyword research like SEMrush to see how many people search for those keywords – this will paint a very clear picture of that niche’s potential 
  • The traffic you get: if you don’t get a lot of traffic, you won’t be able to make a lot of money from your niche website; it’s as simple as that. The more traffic you get, the more money you’ll make from ads and from the affiliate products you promote on your site 
  • The keywords you rank for: this is extremely important; if you want to get good results, then you need to target high-volume niche keywords and leverage SEO strategies such as link building, to ensure that you’re ranking high up in search results – that’s why you really need a tool like SEMrush to help. Think of it this way; if you build a niche website focusing on graphic design and you appear in first page search results for a high-volume keyword like “logo design”, that means you’re potentially reaching an audience of 627k people every month:
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  • The quality of your site: there’s a lot of competition out there, no matter the niche, so only the best will make it in the long run. You need to make a beautiful looking website, create awesome content regularly and update your website constantly to ensure it’s up to date and better than your competitors! 

If you’re thinking of building a niche website, it’s important to be aware that it’s not easy and it will likely take considerable time to build it up to a stage where it starts to make you good money – but if you’re willing to put in the work, the potential is definitely there. 

What do I need to start?


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