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Become an Online Personal Trainer

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If you’ve been thinking about working from home (or wherever in the world you want) as an online personal trainer, you probably have some questions about what to expect and how to make it happen.

There’s more than one way to create an online personal training business. But there are a few key steps you can follow to be successful.

Recommended for: people who love sports and fitness and are great with people – not just watching sports though, but actually doing them as well! 

How much can you earn: a good personal trainer can make a couple thousand dollars a month; a great one can go up to $75,000-$100,000 a year; and the cream of the crop can make $100,000+ a year 

Start-up costs: you’re going to need to get certified as a personal trainer first (which can cost you anywhere from $400 to $2,000, depending on the certification level); plus, if you don’t already have it, you might need some sporting and workout equipment to use in your online training sessions.

Additionally, you’ll also have to build a website where you can promote and sell your services – so apart from the initial one-off personal training certification (although down the line, you might choose to get further certification as well), you’ll be able to keep your costs down to about $100-$200 per month (for hosting, email marketing and so on) + what you can invest in online ads (Instagram and Facebook are perfect for advertising your services and getting clients!)

A lot of people hate going to the gym – or it’s out of their way to go too often. Others love working out and they want to do it more often. And all of them have one thing in common: they need someone who will help them work out from a distance.

And that’s why they turn to online personal trainers: they can help motivate them, they can tell them exactly what they can do even in the comfort of their home and they can help them get into the shape they want. 

If you’re already a certified personal trainer, then this option was probably already on your radar. 

If you’re not though, it’s definitely worth considering if you love working out anyway and you’re good at what you do. 

Basically, you’ll be able to make money online by doing something that you love, while also working on your health at the same time. It really is a match made in heaven. 

So if you’re thinking of becoming an online personal coach and putting those muscles to good use, here’s what you need to know about starting your online personal training business:

  • Get your certification: this will take a while – you’ll need to study quite a bit (from understanding exactly how our bodies work to the types of exercises to do for specific purposes) and then take (and of course, pass) your certification exam; you might also want to consider specializing and getting certification in a specific niche, such as weight loss or yoga – this will take more time (and a bigger monetary investment as well) but it can also help you get more clients and make more money in the long run 
  • Build your website: it doesn’t need to be too complex: the most important things you need are testimonials/success stories from past and existing clients, an About page where you explain who you are and what you can help others achieve, a contact/enquiry form and an online calendar where people can schedule training sessions with you and pay for them. Plus, it would also help to include some useful resources (such as food recommendations and some basic work out plans) and even better, a blog (this will help you get more organic traffic and therefore, more clients)
  • Develop a marketing strategy: you’re going to need to learn some marketing in order to build up your client base. To start with, social media – and especially Instagram – can be an amazing source of clients if you know how to leverage it. Plus, you should also take the time to learn and practice good search engine optimization so that potential clients can easily find you online. And of course, make sure to build an email list – give them an amazing lead magnet to download (like a free workout plan, for example) and email them regularly so that you can nurture them into become your future clients.

Do I need a website?

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