Build a Virtual School

Have you been looking into how to start an online school, but you’re not sure what steps you should take? You’re not alone.

COVID-19 has forced lots of people to look at how they can take their teaching skills online. If you think you have a skill for teaching, and you’re willing to help people educate themselves, then there’s a great chance you can succeed.

Recommended for: those who have a lot of knowledge about a broad topic – something that gives you enough material and enough possibilities to keep creating new courses and content 

How much can you earn: a lot – but only the best make it. You need a profitable niche – preferably one that also targets businesses, not just individuals – and you need amazing content, consistently

Start-up costs: your time will be one of your main “start-up costs” for this project as you’ll need to create a lot of valuable content (online courses, webinars, articles, etc.); plus, you’ll also need to get website hosting, an online course software and possibly, some recording equipment; additionally, if you want help, you can also get freelancers using sites like Fiverr to help you create the content 

Building an online “school” can be an extremely profitable business; at its essence, it’s a type of membership site whereby you charge people for access to educational content

That content should be a variety of resources, such as:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars 
  • Articles 
  • How-to guides
  • Strategies (marketing strategies, corporate, and so on – perfect for businesses!)  
  • Checklists, templates and other similar resources 
  • Tests and exercises for extra work 

However, in order for your school to be profitable, you first need a good niche. 

Ideally, you should target both regular people – people with regular jobs who are looking to learn a new skill – as well as businesses. That’s because businesses have a lot more income to spend on projects like this and a lot of them invest in e-learning to help improve their employees’ skills and knowledge, as well as to incentivize their employees. 

And luckily, actually creating an online school really isn’t as difficult as it might sound at first; here’s what you need:

  • Get hosting and a free domain name for your website from Bluehost 
  • Use Thinkific to build your website 
  • Set up payment plans, using Thinkinfic
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  • Add your videos, articles and downloads, as well as create quizzes, surveys and more to engage your audience (once again, you can do all this with Thinkific
  • Create and add any products that you’re going to sell on your website, such as strategies and online courses 

What do I need to start?


To get started, you need a website and you can build a virtual school website with no coding skills with a easy Drag-&-Drop WordPress builder. Get 300+ design templates, 1-click WordPress installation, web hosting & domain registration, all for only $2.95/mo with Bluehost, the #1 trusted WordPress hosting. Signup now.

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